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The Company

IFWORLD Inc. was founded in Fayetteville, AR in 1994 as Interface Computer Center. By diversifying and continuing to provide world-class customer service, IFWORLD has been able to maintain itself and become one of the oldest small-business Internet solutions providers in the state. The company officially became IFWORLD in 1998.


Matt Romine & Scott Mills are graduates of the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville’s College of Engineering and are lifelong residents of Fayetteviile. Due to their commitment to the growth of the region, in 1999 the partners were awarded the United States Small Business Young Entrepreneur award for the 5-state region. Later the company was commended for their success and dedication to their employees and customers by being awarded the Business of the Year Award for 2002 in the small business category by the Northwest Arkansas Business Journal.

For over 29 years, IFWORLD has steadily and reliably proven the ability to deliver innovative technology solutions and award-winning websites to hundreds of clients ranging from the Fortune 500 to local venues as well as provide unique and efficient solutions for networking requirements for companies.

The People

IFWORLD has always prided itself on having a very unique and attractive workplace for its employees. While the faces may have changed some over the years, the same high-level of customer service and friendliness is still very prevalent at IFWORLD. We currently have employed the diverse and unique personalities of the individuals below. At any time, when you call IFWORLD, you may get the opportunity to spend some time on the phone with any of these folks. We are just normal people like you, but we are adamantly passionate about all things technology related. In short, we are geeks.

Ginger Mattox – Operations Manager/Billing Extraordinaire

Ginger brought her diverse experiences in banking, accounting and customer service to IFWORLD in March 2000.  Although her “fancy” title is Operations Manager, her real job is to keep the customer happy,  daily operations running smooth, and the books clean. 

Jon McCurdy – Server & Network Specialist/Windows Configuration Guru

Jon got into the IT world when he became sick of sales. Starting at a medium sized company in Little Rock in 2000, he was soon thrown into the IT fire when that company was bought by one of the Fortune 500. Jon learned quickly and gained invaluable knowledge about network, Windows server and desktop support (on a VERY large scale). After living the fast paced IT life for several years Jon saw GREAT value in working for a small company and brought his wares to IFWORLD in 2007. He enjoys Friday lunches with the office and of course, the Razorbacks. Jon is happily married to Andrea and they are blessed to have three wonderful children.

Scott Mills – Partner/Linux Architect Guru/Nuts & Bolts Guy

After completing his degree in Computer Systems Engineering from the University of Arkansas, Scott wanted to combine his passions for the Internet, entrepreneurship, and Northwest Arkansas.  He was able to accomplish this by co-founding IFWORLD, Inc. Scott loves creating new products and services.  In recent years, he has focused that energy by building web and iPhone applications.  Scott has been greatly supported by his wife Jennifer and three children.

Matt Romine – Partner/Dabbles in Windows/Loves “Pine”

Matt has been an entrepreneur ever since he wasn’t an entrepreneur. His first foray into the business world started at age 17 when he put together his first computer firm out of his childhood bedroom.  After finishing that venture and a 2 year stint at IBM, Matt and his partners started IFWORLD during their junior year of college.  He managed to finish his Master’s degree in Computer Systems Engineering, continue to grow IFWORLD and keep all his hair intacted (well not anymore but the bald look suits him).  Matt is happily married with two beautiful daughters and truly loves coming to work everyday.

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